Fresh Faces And Summer Stories

We are back! For some, they say it feels like we never left. Many others return giving hugs and saying “We missed you”. “How was your summer?” “Did you travel?” “How is your family?” were part of the many conversations heard this first day. A surprise event had been planned for this day and the masses were only told of the meeting time and the items they needed to have for a successful day. A large bus pulled up and they entered with nervous excitement. Someone guessed “We’re going to Valley Fair” while another guessed “Mall of America”. Both were not even close. After a short ride we pulled into the Character Challenge course down by Park Rapids. The day was spent climbing on ropes, leaping from the tops of telephone poles while shouting out personal goals. We helped, we trusted and shared with each other in order to succeed and accomplish much. When was the last time you gave all your trust to another? I know of a very tall pole a few miles from here that has barely enough room at the top to stand on that is waiting…….