A Primer On Minnesota Charter Schools

Minnesota Charter Schools are tuition-free, independent public schools that are open and welcome all students, no matter ability or need, and are governed and operated jointly by licensed teachers, parents and community members.

As of Sept 2013, there are 150 Charter Schools operating in the state of Minnesota serving roughly 41,000 students (about 5% of the states’ K-12 enrollment population).

In Bemidji, 3 Charter schools are providing services to roughly 475 students. When you add up all the educational options available for K-12 education (private, tribal, open enrollment and home schooled) roughly 1 out of every 6 kids does not attend ISD 31. Outside of the metro area, Bemidji has one of the largest Charter School enrollments. School choice does matter in our area to many. We attract students and their families from other parts of the state who want to be part of one of our many educational options. The addition of Charter Schools has added greatly to an already rich aspect of our community. No school can meet the needs of every student. Having options means more kids can be successful. Kids win, Schools win and the community wins. Seems like a blueprint for greatness!