EdCamp Comes To Bemidji

We are excited to announce the inaugural EdCamp Bemidji will be

held at Bemidji State University on March 1, 2014. This event will bring

together nearly 100 of northern Minnesota’s most innovative

educators for a day of passion-driven learning.

The EdCamp movement was started by educators with the purpose of

bringing teachers together to talk about the teaching and learning

that takes place in their classrooms. At EdCamp every participant is

free to facilitate a conversation, offer to teach other participants  or

request help with a particular topic or conversation.

When you sponsor EdCamp Bemidji, you help the education

community in a very direct and visible way. This entire event is run by

volunteers and funded by donations.  We invite all members of a school community

to join the fun by signing up on the link below. Those wishing to help sponsor this event by

sharing your product with those at EdCamp Bemidji may also sign up. Questions or

comments may be sent to edcampbemidji@gmail.com.