Schoolcraft Is A Reward School

Yesterday it was announced that Schoolcraft Learning Community was in the top 15% of all schools in the state that receive Title 1 funding. The determination is based upon several formulas connected with state testing. Several of the key pieces involve the amount of growth that your students show and the level of success that student s of color or that receive Special Education services attain. If these kids are close to or even exceed the scores of “white students then this is viewed as decreasing the ever talked about achievement gap.

While it’s certainly nice to get this honor it does bring up the question of how schools measure success. If we (or any) schools didn’t have these state required tests….how would we say we are growing? Schools where teachers/students/parents work hard every day and try their best should be considered award schools as well. Labeling schools that are or are not successful can create false impressions that the general public uses for decision making.

One possible solution would be to actually experience a school. What does the school feel like? How does that schools’ culture express itself to you as you mingle with kids or walk the hallways? What are the smells and sights you experience? How wide are the smiles or how any greetings come your way?

I like that my school has been designated a Reward School. It does give a level of validation of the work we do. I also like the great big smiles and the excitement of learning that young minds (and old) experience here daily. Formal label or not we are a school that provides many rewards to many people every day. Is it time to measure your school?