Should We Build A New 4/5 School?

Our local school district is experiencing a growth in enrollment at the elementary levels. This had led to larger than desired class sizes at almost every school. For the second time in two years the voters are being asked to support the cost of building another elementary school. The designed proposed would house all the districts 4th and 5th graders. This would keep the other neighborhood schools as K-3 buildings and provide space for other programs.
The design of a building for just 4/5 graders has mixed reviews. Some argue that the addition of another level creates an unnecessary transition or school change. While the new building plans to be broken down into smaller pods with certain academic focuses the sheer number of proposed kids (900) creates a more “Middle School” feel. Many students at the Middle School level start to feel like “a number” in schools of that size which impacts future learning and social relationships. Do we need to have kids start feeling that way at even younger ages?
Some feel that adding on to existing schools (which do have space) keeps kids from having that extra transition and keeps them at their home school longer.
In order for this process to go forward, both questions on the ballot need to pass. The first deals with the actual construction costs while the 2nd asks for money to run it after it opens. I’m not sure this is the best option right now for our community but then again my kid isn’t sitting in a classroom with 34 others.