The Simple Act Of Listening

I’ve had the opportunity over the last few weeks to sit and listen to some younger students as they read their most recent book to me. We meet on Friday mornings and the kids share the book that they’ve been practicing with all week. It’s been a reflective time for me as the act of carving out a few minutes from a busy day is rewarded with the sheer pleasure of a child reading out loud to you.You struggle alongside them as they sound their way through a tricky word……wanting to shout out the right answer…..watching the wheels turn as the search for the right pronunciation. With delight, they share the pictures on each page as they progress through the story. All of this takes place during a 10-15 minute time span. My job initially has been to be the targeted audience and I was chosen by my two readers as an adult on campus that they would like to read to. To uphold this honor has been an easy task. Both of my readers are eager to show off their “harder” book each week when we meet. I find myself becoming really focused on the not only the story but sometimes feel I can actually see the learning taking place. I’m truly the lucky one on this arrangement. I can’t wait until Friday!