It’s Halftime

We’ve reached the midpoint of another school year. It always seems that just yesterday it was Labor Day weekend or even Halloween! The Winter Break is over and so is MLK day. As in all sporting events, teams/players take stock on how the first half went. They review what was working and where more effort is needed. Schools are no different. Schools should always be examining their programs, staff and direction as a way to maximize potential and resources. Our students are constantly changing academically. We look forward to this on-going challenge to help keep ourselves fresh and energized. If we’re not stretching our comfort zones and those of our kids then we are not fulfilling our roles as educators. Think back to the day when you couldn’t sleep the night before a big presentation at school. You went over your notes time after time and when it was all done…..the audience really appreciated your efforts. When was the last time you had that same feeling? How small (or large) is your comfort zone? Where and when will your next challenge take place?