Have You Had A Good School Year?

What decides a good school year? Im many conversations I’m asked that question. I’m thinking it depends on many different perspectives. From the Administrators view, I’m sure it ties into what the recent test scores are all about as well as how much money the state is (or isn’t) giving us the next year. If you’re a classroom teacher, its either a moment of quiet joy as the final days of “that class…the ones that added a gray hair” are winding down or a moment of reflection as “that class…the one with several U.S. Presidential candidates” is leaving. From the child’s perspective, it contains the biggest unknowns. They may or may not know who next year’s teacher will be and if their best friend will be with them or not. Their new class might even be at the other end of the campus or building. They’ve always turned right when they came into the building to get to their room……now I’ll need to turn left. How will I remember that? For the High School graduate, it will be a busy time of grad parties…..sleepless nights as they enjoy the final days of their youth. The days ahead will bring a slow change to all of us. Will you sign my yearbook?