Sharing Schoolcraft Success Stories

This last week we were notified that the 1st Grade Spring expedition entitled “Transportation, A Moving Experience” was selected to be published on the EL Schools website. Schools can submit these for review for consideration to be included in EL’s Center for student work. The work presented here is considered to be exemplary and used as a model for others to follow/share. The Service component of this expedition was the creation of posters that are currently located on several kiosks in the downtown Bemidji area. They identify safe ways for kids to travel and where these resources can be found. Stop by and take a peek when you get a chance.
This last year we also created as a staff a Social Contract that would serve as a guide to how we operate as a school and with each other. We identified that we are a safe and supportive community. We also committed to modeling a growth mindset and there would be respectful communication. Finally, we collaborate with professionalism. To test these goals the staff took a relational trust survey in both the fall and this last spring. Results were positive with further ways to “be better” offered for review. Does your school or organization operate under a social contract? If your looking for ways to make this happen or would like to know more please let us know. Just like 1st graders making our community a little better place we adults should take similar steps. Education needs to be a collaborative effort.