The Annual Apples To Apples Measurement

Last week the Minnesota Department of Education made public the testing scores that each school district achieved this last spring. There is the usual flurry of press releases from both the state and local schools regarding their explanations as to why their scores either went up or down. Overall, the state showed very slight improvement but still faces a large gap in the number of kids of color who fall far below their white classmates.
While I historically downplay these results, it’s much easier to do so when your school is performing at a higher level than the local district as well as the state. These comparisons create some small level of coffee-klatch conversations for those that have that interest to do so. It does become a nice public relations piece to be on top for those times when these results need to draw a higher level of attention.
As always, these tests for any school, are only a few brief moments in the overall school experience of a child. Use these scores with caution but remain vigilant in your continued observations of them. They can and do send a message. We have reason at Schoolcraft to celebrate the good work that all our staff and kids do.