An Act Of Kindness Can Fill Your Bucket

Several years ago there was a staff member at our school that promoted often the phrase “fill someone’s bucket today”. The idea was to pass along an act or word of kindness that could be placed in someone’s “bucket” to help guide them through the day or give them energy to get past a difficult task. The idea is closely related the concept of “paying it forward” which is also an act of kindness or support towards someone.
I witnessed such an act in the lunchroom a few days ago as an older student assisted a new kindergartener with the cutting of his chicken, the opening of his milk carton all the while encouraging the younger person to try all the foods on his plate because he just knew the younger student would like them. When I did have a quiet moment later in the day with this older student I shared with him how impressed I was with his actions. He simply shrugged off the compliment with the reply of “that’s what Schoolcrafters do for each other”.
Maybe my work here is finished?