A Winter Morning At Schoolcraft

Charter Schools Continue To Grow

St. Paul and Minneapolis have joined a growing list of cities where at least one fifth of all public school students attend charters. Currently there are 44,000 students in Minnesota enrolled in Charter Schools which is up by roughly 3,000 more than last year. Charter School growth as been associated with schools because of specialized…
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Student Led Conferences

The month of November finds many schools holding the first of several parent/teacher conferences. Parents attend to find out how their child is doing in school and have a chance to visit with the teacher. Many times the process is rushed and parents leave feeling dissatisfied. A growing trend in education is the student led…
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A Primer On Minnesota Charter Schools

Minnesota Charter Schools are tuition-free, independent public schools that are open and welcome all students, no matter ability or need, and are governed and operated jointly by licensed teachers, parents and community members. As of Sept 2013, there are 150 Charter Schools operating in the state of Minnesota serving roughly 41,000 students (about 5% of…
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How Did You Get To School This Morning?

I’m sure many kids in the area took the traditional way to school this morning, that being the bus. Many are dropped off by their parents and some are close enough to walk. Older kids might drive themselves. How many can say this?